Saturday June 3rd, 2017 / 6pm – 10pm

Limited Edition Sock Release Party

Roark’s trip to India was pretty insane. The culture is so exotic it’s hard to describe it. The colors, the smells, the textures are so intense. It takes a while to settle in, but once it does - the cadence is awesome. It keeps one motivated to unearth everything possible at the pace India allows. The man with indigo hands led us down a path unique to the garment making process, just outside of Madurai, India. Roark made a few indigo batiked pieces for their Spring 17 collection that were actually hand crafted in India, they brought some Stance socks along to apply the same traditional batik process to. Batiking really starts with this copper or wooden stamp called a Sap. From there, the maker applies a hot wax to the stamp and then begins to create a pattern on the sock. The wax acts of a layer of resistance to the Indigo dye that they’re dipped into. The wax coverage over the fibers allows the natural color of the sock to be retained and then the indigo dye to remains. From there, the socks are soaked in boiling water; the process melts away the wax and leaves the pattern that was originally stamped. The result is a completely unique product every time, a perfect collaboration for Roark and Stance and a limited edition will be available June 6, 2017 at select retailers, and

Sept, 8th 6pm - 10pm

R A E N + Woody G. Collaboration

You’re invited to the Woody G Art Show to celebrate the launch of the limited RAEN + Woody G Collaboration, featuring the Remmy 49 in a mellow crystalline green frame with polarized smoke grey lenses.

We want to climb inside Woody’s photographs, lie down quietly on the sidelines and watch a world like his pass on by. He shoots the kind of images that make the rest of us wonder what we’re doing with our lives. At only twenty-one he’s got a collection of work that builds a world all on it’s own. We’re in love with the way he keeps us on our toes, constantly eager to see more yet always pleased with what we’re given. It’s these reasons and more that the Remmy 49 was re-envisioned with his collaborative spirit, released in a mellow crystalline green.

Remmy 49 Woody G. (Polarized) available worldwide September 8th.

May 20 – Aug 30

BikiniBird x Beach Party

BikiniBird + Said Space gallery present BEACH PARTY, a summer-long pop-up shop featuring exclusive swimwear and beach accessories from BikiniBird's Hawaii-based online retail store. Featured swimwear will include Acacia Swim, L*Space, as well as local brands such as Mikoh, Amuse Society, Fella Swim (out of Australia), VNDA clothing, Raen Optics, ALOHA Collection, Kopari Beauty and Sun Bum sunscreen. Beach Party will be open May 20th – Aug 30th and will offer San Diego bikini lovers the opportunity to shop web-exclusive styles and brands traditionally not available in-store or in the area. 

Store Hours:
Wed 12 - 7
Thurs 12 - 6:30
Fr i 11 - 8
Sat 11 - 8
Sun 12-6

April 14, 2016 - 7pm

Strange Daze in a Hanoi Haze

The grand opening of Roark’s Pop-Up Shop at Said Space in Encinitas will feature an intimate slideshow with revivalist and skateboarder Jamie Thomas along with photographer Dylan Gordon. They'll talk story and share images from Roark’s trip to Vietnam that inspired the Spring/Summer 2016 collection of goods. Photography from the crew’s convoy from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island to Da Nang will be on display with a running commentary on the strange journey through the North.

Grand opening slideshow and party April 14th 7PM featuring story, drink and photography.

POP-UP shop featuring a curated collection from the Roark Revival Spring/Summer 2016 Volume 10: "Strange Daze In A Hanoi Haze" run April 15-May 15

Friday, March 25 2016 / Doors Open at 6pm

Peninsula South

Nixon brings together larger-than-life surf legends Herbie and Nathan Fletcher for a road trip down memory lane in a new short film entitled Peninsula South, where the father and son team head down to Baja and revisit some old haunts from previous adventures. Director Riley Blakeway captures Herbie’s pioneering spirit and the close-knit relationship he has built with his son Nathan as they set out on an expedition they’ve not made together in over twenty years, reignites both their love for Baja and their deep appreciation for one another. By the late 60s, Herbie had already begun exploring Baja in search of un-crowded lineups and adventure. As his life moved forward, he built a family who share his love of travel, and who have joined him countless times to explore the fickle southern peninsula. On this latest mission, Nathan discusses his father’s contagious, childlike enthusiasm for surfing and life, and shares how he hopes to pass those ideals down to the next Fletcher generation.

Opening Reception Saturday November 21, 2015 // 6-

Cooked Just Right

Staying in the pocket but seeing new lines to be drawn. Hearing and feeling lots of afro psychedelic sounds. Stripping down the obvious and leaning more into abstracted form and flow. Dancing shapes and swirling silly wets. It moves and shakes , seems new but still somewhat subtly familiar. Bright bold and loud yet cooked just rights...

September 9 //  2015

Dekka Vol. 2

Big wave surfer and photographer, Derek Dunfee, has released a follow up to last years DEKKA Vol.1 that documented people and surf in the big wave culture over the last 10 years. DEKKA Vol. 2 photo show and limited edition zine covers the globe with photography taken in South Africa, Puerto Escondido, Ireland, Fiji and Mexico.

Opening Reception / Friday April 3, 2015

Lazy Left

"As if uncovered in the stockroom of a surplus warehouse, Lazy Left hangs like a museum of military inspired relics and homegrown Americana. Clipped from the neglected pages of dust stained combat training manuals, these works glance into the seemingly unquestioned brutality posed by a deadstock militia culture. Rebel Rock n’ Roll in a leather knuckle bunker. For over a decade Dustyn Peterman has brought his distinct perspective and relentless passion for visual design to countless mainstay musicians and creative outlets alike. A step outside the realm of his staple poster design language, this exhibition serves as a creative playpen to aid in the forming of new connections and conversations in and around the work.

Opening Reception February 6th, 2015 // 7pm – 10pm

All In A Days Lurk

Sketchy Tank is a California native illustrator/designer who stems from the high altitude of Mammoth Mtn. Last known whereabouts unknown. For more information please come to the show! Free tattoos and beer! First come first serve . . .

Saturday November 8th - December 1st 2014

Freenote Pop Up Shop

Join us at SAID SPACE Saturday November 8th from 6-10pm for a pop-up shop by Freenote.

Freenote creates classic American menswear and honors tradition by manufacturing its collection exclusively in the United States. We source the finest materials and demand the highest level of craftsmanship so we can offer quality clothing that is made to last. We take our inspiration from authentic American culture and its timeless style icons. And we believe the best menswear is that which marries design and utility with contemporary, tailored fits.

Brothers Matt and Andrew Brodrick founded Freenote. Its headquarters are in the historic district of San Juan Capistrano, a town that embodies the rancho era of territorial California. It is the ideal home for Freenote, which embraces America’s rich heritage and its classic menswear.

Opening Reception Saturday October 11th, 7-10pm /


Andrew Reyes is a 23 year old Illustrator and Designer from Chula Vista, California. Andrew has been producing self-published zines and other printed works for a number of years. 

The simple ink drawing whether it be in form of a comic book orpainting is the back bone of this body of work. Interlaced between skateboarding culture and underground comics, Andrew has a deep rooted love for traditional American tattoo imagery. While taking design elements and themes from this timeless and exalted art form, he puts a unique point of view on these tried and tested classic tattoo images. Each image tells a story about loving, losing, or dreaming and collectively, these images are The Watershed.

September 13, 2014

A Place in the Sun

SAID SPACE proudly presents A PLACE IN THE SUN, featuring new photos and a collaborative limited edition photo book (of 50) by Mark Choiniere, Brooks Sterling, Julian Martin, and Jack Belli. The group will be showcasing their latest photography and love for adventure, late nights, early mornings, crisp ocean air, sandy hair, tan lines, wave gliding, urethane wheels, foam dust, and everything in between. Come join us for a visual adventure through the eyes of four unique California based photographers. This is an all ages event on

September 13, 2014 that starts at 6pm with ice cold beverages for the 21+ crowd.

Mark Choiniere is a photographer and filmmaker that currently resides in Oceanside, CA. Visit to check out his latest work.

Brooks Sterling is a graphic designer and photographer from Southern California. Visit for more information about Brooks and to check out his latest work.

Julian Martin is a photographer, filmmaker, and graphic designer that currently resides in Leucadia, California. For more information about Julian, please visit

Jack Belli is a photographer from Costa Mesa, CA. His latest work can be found at and 

August 23rd - September 7th / 2014

The Hang Ten

In recent years, Encinitas has enjoyed an influx of new shops, restaurants, bars, and brands--all inspired by our own Southern California surf culture, and the vibrant creative community it has fostered.

In its role as an incubator for creatives in the North County of San Diego, SAID has invited 10 local artists to each design an original artwork based on our Encinitas lifestyle. Each image is a limited edition of 50 prints, all only $25 apiece.

Join us on Saturday, August 23rd, at SAID Space 766 South Coast Hwy 101 from 7 - 10pm for the opening reception of The Hang Ten, the group show featuring these limited edition prints by local artists and makers, including:

John Antoski, Christine Brailsford, Tavish Calico, Adam Jafry, Dustin Ortiz, Shelby Ling, Pete Panciera, Embry Rucker, Sketchy Tank, and Sky Walker.

Saturday June, 14 2016 / 7pm - 10pm 

Roark Present "Cuba Libre" by Burkard

Saturday, June 14th from 7-10pm at Said Space in Encinitas. Revivalists Ryan Sirianni, Brandy Faber and Ryan Hitzel will be talking story and narrating images shot by photographer Chris Burkard during Roark’s Volume 6 journey to Havana, Cuba. Food, drink, cigars and music of Cuba will follow the slide show that would make Hemmingway feel if he was at home again in his beloved El Floridita in old Havana. To see more images of the Cuban Revival check out and @roarkrevival Instagram

April 2014

Everywhere Around Us

As humans, it is our task to put in order and make sense of the world around us. Our mind and bodies are constantly evaluating and reevaluating situations, calculating options, and decoding visual ephemera. “Everywhere Around Us” deals with two different artistic approaches to the task of decoding and organizing the set of sensory information that we are each presented with on a daily basis.

March 25th-31st 2014

The Land of Milk and Honey


Ariel Diaz is a dedicated individual who believes in creating top notch work. If you enjoy what you see on the Turbo Grease website and are interested in showcasing his work please contact him immediately.

If you would like him to complete a design job with accuracy and steadfast professionality, or hire him for work please feel free to contact him immediately.

November 2013

Flores de los Muertos

"Graveyards are symbols of many things besides death. They’re a history of towns, of cultures, and the people who inhabit them. They’re a memory of life and the tale of lives long and short. They’re magnificent landmarks in majestic spaces. They’re articulate sculptures made by amazing artisans. Most of all, they’re the final resting place of the souls that make up our past. Call it superstition, or call it respect, every time I take a step into a graveyard I close my eyes and I thank those souls for allowing me to visit their beautiful place of rest. Every grave tells a story—and these photos are my way of telling them."

~ Aaron Checkwood

September 2012

West Mid West