R A E N + Woody G. Collaboration

You’re invited to the Woody G Art Show to celebrate the launch of the limited RAEN + Woody G Collaboration, featuring the Remmy 49 in a mellow crystalline green frame with polarized smoke grey lenses.

We want to climb inside Woody’s photographs, lie down quietly on the sidelines and watch a world like his pass on by. He shoots the kind of images that make the rest of us wonder what we’re doing with our lives. At only twenty-one he’s got a collection of work that builds a world all on it’s own. We’re in love with the way he keeps us on our toes, constantly eager to see more yet always pleased with what we’re given. It’s these reasons and more that the Remmy 49 was re-envisioned with his collaborative spirit, released in a mellow crystalline green.

Remmy 49 Woody G. (Polarized) available worldwide September 8th.