Dustin Ortiz

Leucadia, CA


Dustin Ortiz is a Leucadia, CA based artist and designer. Born and raised in Leucadia, Dustin was surrounded by the creative melting pot of the surf and skateboard communities. He has been using the tools at his disposal to create for the better part of his life, showcasing his work at various local galleries and from the Rockies all the way to New York.

Dustin has spent the last 11 years working as a graphic designer working for brands like Nixon, Adidas Skateboarding, Park City, GoldCoast, & Yes. Snowboards. Spending his whole career working in a creative environment has allowed him to pull inspiration from traveling the globe and working together with many industry heavyweights.

Ortiz’ work is a reaction to being left to one’s own devices amidst circumstances that are not ideal. Using his multidisciplinary skills, he channels the geometry, beauty, and color of the landscapes that exist around all of us and creates unique and satisfying compositions.


Dustin Ortiz x The Mattson 2

 PALAMAR, the new single by the Mattson 2. A breezy jam featuring some clean album art by Dustin Ortiz.

The Mattson 2 have just released a new track entitled, 'PALAMAR' in preparation for their upcoming album, 'AGAR'. This jazzy surf gem wont be available on any album but The Mattson's will send you a copy if  you ask. Simply email the subject "Agar" to info@mattson2.com.